Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Music for Men is officially out!

The day we've all been looking forward to has finally arrived: The Gossip's fourth album, Music for Men, is here! The album is available worldwide digitally. Non-digital versions will be available in stores in early October.

Watch the Music for Men informercial (yes, there's an informercial!):

This new album is meant to reach exactly the audience it refers to: men. As Ditto explains to Clash Music, "I think people who are really down are really gonna think it’s funny, or they’re really gonna get it. It’s really ironic, but it’s really true; I think the idea of making a feminist record for men is really cool. Because we already know that we’re oppressed — men need to know that we’re oppressed." The band is clearly committed to making socially conscious and politically aware music. Kudos to them for sticking with this on their major label debut.

But socially conscious and feminist doesn't mean the group doesn't have a sense of humor. Beth Ditto followed this statement up with, "I wanted it to be a hit in Ibiza. I wanted it to be gay like that."

Still not sold? Well thanks to spinner.com you can preview the entire album before you spend your hard-earned pennies on it! Here's the link: Music for Men by Gossip | Listening Party

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