Friday, May 25, 2012

Late Spring Cleaning/Break(down?) Mix

So I know that I said I was doing all of this blog-related research and development in my last post (like, months ago -- where does time go?).  And I was, until I got sidetracked by some unfortunate but very necessary cleaning.  I know that spring cleaning is supposed to be like, a thing, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever really done it.
And this probably won't shock anyone who really knows me, but dudes, I am doing it hardcore.  Not just because I'm slightly compulsive and very much a virgo, but because this is not just a matter of simple 'cleaning'.  No, it is instead a matter of cleaning out an entire house.  That's right: while everyone else (in the US, anyway_) is partying or barbecueing for memorial day weekend, I will be sorting through and discarding the possessions of my deceased loved ones.  Awesome!
As much as this sucks, I am a firm believer that even the most miserable of situations can be alleviated by a good soundtrack.  So for anyone else who might be out there cleaning, either in the figurative or literal sense, enjoy these thirteen tracks about the emotional rollercoaster that is purging your life of things you don't want, don't need, or simply can't keep.  It's painful, yes, but it's necessary to get rid of stuff to make room for new things.  New things, of course, meaning 'new records'.  (Or at least that's what it means for me.)

Slingshot Dakota -- "Ohio"
Shoppers -- I
Babes in Toyland -- "Pain in My Heart"
Lost Weekend -- "Worn Out"
The Distillers -- "I am a Revenant"
Forward Russia -- "Fifteen pt 1"
Lemuria -- "Length Away"
RVIVR -- "Edge of Living"
At the Drive-in -- "Rascuache"
Bad Banana -- "Oregon Trail"
Aye Nako -- "Let It In"
Taking Back Sunday -- "Carpathia"
Little Lungs -- "The Big Six"