Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hump Day Treat, Power of Facebook Edition

For all my bitching about the social networking phenomenon, now and then Facebook gifts you with something worth writing home, or a blog, about. Par example: last night I was paging through my 'news feed', and saw that my friend Bri had posted a video by a band called Kitten Forever. She affectionately called them 'bratty grrrl punk', so of course I had to watch:

And then of course, I had to I had to youtube them, and was hence rewarded with a fantastic live video. And of course, I then decided to post it here, for all of you to enjoy. Bratty grrrl punks riding in cars and being awesome on this hump day, and EVERY day!


Bri Z. said...

didn't know you were on here! must follow. and thanks for the shout out. i actually discovered both of those videos and another thanks to tukru (of "your pretty face is going straight to hell" zine & vampire sushi distro), as she posted them on her blog a day or two ago :)

jamie said...

Oh, this feels a bit like the equivalent of wearing the same dress as another girl to the prom, having posted the exact same thing as another blogger! But still, it's good to know that other writers are posting about this band....I agree, we definitely need more bands like Kitten Forever.

Also, following you too, and very much looking forward to reading about your writing/musical/diy space-creating exploits in a new and different venue.