Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hump Day Treat, Pop Confessional Edition

It's going to decimate whatever 'indie cred' I might have, but today I present a song that I've listening to on the regular this summer as I struggle with grief, guilt, depression, and the inevitable avalanche of paperwork that accompanies death.

"Fixed at Zero" is the first single and title track off of Versaemerge's first full-length album. It was released in June by the dreaded Fueled by Ramen, a record label that I detest for various personal and professional reasons. The bandmembers themselves, while not untalented, seem completely socially and politically unaware, a trait that I usually can't put up with in artists of any genre. But I can't help it, I love this song, and often find myself singing it when I'm by myself (which is a lot lately). So enjoy some "pop-posthardcore" and my embarrassment on this hump day.

p.s. My favorite version of this song is from an impromptu, outdoor performance in Georgia that you can watch here. There's also an official video that uses the studio version of the song, in which both audio and visual are hideously over-produced and kind of ridiculous, in my humble, professional opinion.


EHR said...

Sometimes we have to like things in spite of our better impulses. If it makes you feel any better, I am hopelessly addicted to reality t.v. - not the most progressive way to pass one's time. ;)

And speaking of bands that don't seem to have a particular political viewpoint but rock anyway, have you heard The Kills or Blue Hawaii? I'm in love with both right now.

Jessica said...

I can't judge, and certainly won't. Actually, I like it.

jamie said...

@EHR: I haven't heard of Blue Hawaii, But I've definitely heard of The Kills! Where should I start with them? If you don't mind making a recommendation, that is.

@Jessica: I appreciate your unwillingness to pass judgment!!!