Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hump Day Treat, To Spain with Love Edition

Let me divulge one of my compulsions: whenever one of my friends posts lyrics on facebook, I absolutely have to answer with the following verse.

And this was how I got thinking about Rilo Kiley. One of my friends posted part of their first single from their last album, Under the Blacklight. I kind of lost track of the band after that record, because I wasn't entirely into the seedy '70s Los Angeles concept. I was pretty enamored of their first two records though, especially during my undergraduate days, and I saw them live at least four times during that period.

Rilo Kiley is not, and has never been what you'd describe as 'punk', and I don't really think that anyone would describe their band as feminist either. But I'll give them this -- they're fronted by Jenny Lewis. And she might not be punk or feminist either, but I admire and appreciate her songwriting. In her songs, Lewis refuses to represent herself or others as simple, one dimensional figures, and she fearlessly documents and tackles fear, anxiety, unhappiness, ambivalence, and lots of other messy, sometimes shameful emotions that most of us would probably rather not discuss, much less sing about. And so we invite you to enjoy Lewis's suffering on this snowy hump day.

Rilo Kiley: Live at the Ford Amphtheater from John Welch on Vimeo.


Stacy K. said...

I've always respected Rilo Kiley for both their musical chops and the fact that they worked their way to the top like any other indie band. They didn't exploit their showbiz connections to get them ahead and land a cheesy major label record deal. (The cheesy record deal came much later, when they earned it. :) )

Thanks for posting this clip!

jamie said...

You're quite welcome!

You know, I never even considered their showbiz connections? Even though Blake will always be Pinsky to me, I was a big Salute Your Shorts fan as a kid.