Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hump Day Treat, Anti-V-Day Edition

I blogged yesterday about The Anti-Valentine's Day Riot Grrrl Cover Band Show. Because it's a night of one-off cover bands, part of the point is that you get to hear songs you know, by bands that matter to you. Both last year and this time around, I went because I wanted to hear live versions of songs by my dear Sleater-Kinney and Bikini Kill, both of whom are no longer together. (I believe that there's a deep significance to the performance of songs by these particular bands, especially Bikini Kill, and trust me, we're gonna talk about that later.) But one of my favorite moments during this past Sunday's grrrl-a-palooza happened during a song I'd never heard before.

I mentioned in my last post that "The Breeders" were on the bill. I am forced to admit that I'm a lazy Breeders fan, the kind who only has Last Splash. So I wasn't really surprised when I didn't recognize the last song of "The Breeders'" set. But I was very surprised when I noticed that absolutely everyone around me, both ladies and gents, were singing along to every word, swaying and bouncing, closing their eyes and clutching at their chests as they repeated the song's chorus over and over again with the band.

Naturally, I went home and googled what I could remember of the song's lyrics, and found that it was actually a Pixies song that The Breeders have been known to include in their live shows. (I don't really know the Pixies very well. Yeah, I know, how I can blog about modern rock and punk if I don't know the Pixies? I'm getting on it, okay, cut me a break!)

So enjoy this incredibly rare public admission of ignorance, and a really wonderful, apparently well-known Pixies song on this fine, bright hump day.


Son said...

hi! i was in the breeders cover band that played. i'm so psyched that you checked out the pixies after hearing us! unfortunately gigantic is one of the only pixies songs that Kim Deal sang on, and (i think) the only one she wrote. that band had a lot of internal conflict--part of why she formed the breeders. also i'm glad i came across your blog, it rules. keep up the awesome work

Bad Idea Potluck said...

That show was rad. I almost posted about it too but then my brain had technical difficulties.

jamie said...

@Son -- hey, thanks! For both the comment and the sweet set last Sunday! That's a bummer though, to hear that Kim didn't do much writing with the Pixies. Going to try to learn more about them either way. ALSO: if you're working with a band or group or organization right now, please link it up!

@Bad Idea Potluck -- OMG you were there?! Awesome! It WAS a bit overwhelming for the senses, wasn't it?