Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hump Day Treat, Opener Love Edition

So let's try for some good news about The Last Cheeky Show EVER. That night, I got to see Slingshot Dakota for the second time. An infectiously upbeat and happy duo, it's kind of hard to listen to them and not feel your mood elevate at least a few inches. So enjoy this vintage SD video on this hazy, horribly snowy hump day!

Want more? Head over to Star Beat Music for a full review of Slingshot Dakota's 11/28 set!


Star Beat Music said...

It was my second time seeing Slingshot, also! Great show. They warm my heart. My review of their performance and Cheeky's is available at

jamie said...

"They warm my heart" -- that's totally the exact and best way to describe them!

ps editing in links to your reviews!