Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hump Day Treat, Spring-y Weather Finally! Edition

So, uh, this hump day treat is super-late because, well, it's really, really nice out. And that's not entirely usual for this town, being sandwiched between a mountain range and a massive lake and all. So, I've been out.

This spring-y, warm, sunny weather reminds of summer in my hometown, and summer in my hometown inevitably makes me wanna listen to my faves, Brooklyn's own Zombie Dogs. I'm excited to report that I came inside a little while ago, turned on the computer, and found this great video of them at the Girl Cave. I don't know what this Girl Cave is, but it sounds awesome. (Despite also sounding like a creepy double entendre.) So enjoy some ZD classics, like "Psycho Gyno", "Flip the Bird", and "Not Your Babe" on this temperate hump day!

Also: Zombie Dogs on Myspace Not gonna lie, I check this for updates like every other nanosecond.

1 comment:

Dominique Montgomery said...

The girl cave is a house in Washington, DC! It rules!

On an unrelated note - I love the video of Johnny Hit and Run Pauline you posted!!!