Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hump Day Treat, Reader Feedback Edition

A few weeks ago Maggie of Rocker Repro commented on a post here and mentioned The Third Sex. Anyone else have fond memories of them? I never owned any of their records, but their songs showed up repeatedly on the mixtapes I got from one of my friends from high school, and I meant to order their 7" with "Feed Me" on it, but I kind of just never got around to it. I'm going to try and make up for it by posting what might be the only video of them available on youtube.

Described by Kill Rock Stars as "3 radical new wave dykes from Portland, Oregon", The Third Sex wrote messy, crashy, quick songs about girls, or that's how all their songs that I ended up hearing sounded. From what I can gather they liked to wear odd costumes, hence their lead singer's dead football player costume in the video. It doesn't make sense, and there isn't much information available about the band to go on, so just watch the video and enjoy the mystery on this hump day.


Maggie said...

Yeah they are one of my favorite girl bands--back to go is flawless. I hate that I can't find much info about them or the members anywhere.

Star Beat Music said...

Just saw that they are playing a reunion show in Portland for the Girls Rock Camp:

jamie said...

Oh, that's fantastic! I love to hear about bands supporting rock camps! Thanks, Star!

@Maggie: I know how you feel. Ever see Velvet Goldmine? A lot of the time, I feel like a modern day, lady version of Arthur Stuart. I wish some bands were better documented.