Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hump Day Treat, Hip Hop History Month Edition

So like I said yesterday, hip hop isn't really 'my scene'. And by scene, I mean that I've never really listened to it, that I know very little of the genre's history, and that I am completely unqualified to really discuss any aspect of hip hop culture.

But I'm a firm believer of getting outside your scene on a regular basis. I've always thought that punk and hip hop should be natural allies. I also believe that it's impossible to develop an expertise in any genre of music without knowing something about and respecting other genres.

So, with respect for the women who have made their names as emcees, djs, rappers, and hip hop personalities, and the women whom are desperately needed to fill the ranks at this time, listen to some old-school mainstream lady-powered hip hop on this chilly hump day.

Queen Latifah, "UNITY"

Salt'n'Pepa, "Push It"

Missy Elliot, "Lose Control"

BONUS: Further commentary on KRS-One's remarks about women in hip hop by Samhita, over at

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