Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hump Day Treat, Lady-powered Party Punk edition

Perhaps predictably, today's hump day treat is presented in honor of Mika Miko and their unsung achievements.

Yesterday I came up with the description 'lady-powered party punk' for MM's music kind of on the fly. But 'party punk' describes the band's attitude better than its style. Their music has a beach-y surf kind of feel, and the group has this funny teenagers who sleep in, eat lots of junk food, and play music sort of image. This sort of carefree slacker attitude strikes me as rare in a genre (punk, that is) that prides itself on action and hyperawareness. It's also surprisingly appealing, and dare I say it, there's something refreshing about a group of young people who seem more intent on saving themselves than on railing against the world.

But, it has to be seen rather and heard to be understood, or even believed, so have some Mika Miko on yet another rainy, dreary (in NY, at least) hump day.

First up: the official video for "Business Cats", a song that makes you want to dance, have a seizure, or both. Also, it's one of my favorite videos of all time.

Next: the official video for "I Got a Lot (New New New)"

BONUS: live video from 2004. Thank you, youtube! Also, Michelle Suarez's guitar sounds amazingly foxy here. Just saying.

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