Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hump Day Treat, New Late Edition

In honor of the release this week of their new record, today's Hump Day Treat is from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

But instead of promoting their new single, I am celebrating by posting my favorite song by them: "Date with a Night". A driving, stomping, slightly blues-tinged ode to 'going out', this is the perfect song to listen to while getting getting ready for a night on the town -- or while sitting in your cubicle, wishing you were going out. So chase away those Wednesday Ehs by pumping up the volume, ignoring your work a few minutes, and looking forward to the coming weekend!

(Note: For those of you who are interested in new Yeah Yeah Yeahs, here's a link to the video for their new single)

Special thanks to Teresina for letting me know about the Yeah Yeah Yeah's new video!

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